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The Drop Off

 "You can catch Bone Fish and Trevally from the beach."

Fishing off-shore

Bird Island is protected by a barrier reef on one coast and perched on the most northern edge of the Seychelles Bank on the other, making it one of the best fishing spots in the Seychelles.We are able to offer both bottom fishing for species such as groupers, job fish, dogtooth tuna and snappers, as well as big game fishing for species such as yellow fin tuna, kingfish, sailfish and marlin. Our fisherman, Clive, has over 30 years of experience of Bird Island’s waters and his knowledge of the fishing grounds is unmatched.

Fishing starts as soon as the boat leaves the protection of the reef. The proximity of the fishing grounds means that all of the charter time on the boat is spent fishing. Game fishing is normally a three to four hour charter and bottom fishing tends to be a little shorter at two hours. We fish throughout the year with the best months tending to be in October/November and February/March.

Taste your catch! The kitchen will always prepare a piece of your catch for lunch or dinner.

Fishing from the beach

Bird Island also has excellent fly-fishing from the beach and from our reef flats, where it is possible to catch Bonefish and Trevally. Fly-fishing is allowed free of charge. Clients must provide their own equipment.


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