Common Neighbours

There are a few birds that you will find more often than others around your chalets; the White-tailed Tropicbird, the Fairy Tern, and the Brown and Lesser Noddies.

These three birds you are certain not to miss!

White Tailed Tropic Birds

White-tailed Tropicbirds are a beautiful sight, with their long white tail streamers as the main attraction. Showing little fear of human visitors and with no predators on the island, these wonderful birds nest in the tree roots all around the chalets. Their chicks are quite easy to identify.

Hint: If you see a big ball of white fluff hidden between tree roots, it is most definitley a White-tailed Tropicbird chick.

Fairy terns

Fairy terns are in abundance on Bird Island. They are the only pure white tern on the world. These cute little birds always seem to be courting and pairs are often seen soaring and swooping in tandem. Their fluffy little brown chicks can be found on branches of trees around the hotel grounds and can be easily spotted. 

Hint: If you see a nest it’s not Fairy Terns as they’re not nest builders. Search for forks and depressions in tree branches and you are bound to find a chick.


The large numbers of Brown and Lesser Noddies found all around are quite fearless and take no notice of the hotel guests. Because of this, Bird Island is one of the best places to see these two easily confused species close up.

Hint: The Brown and Lesser Noddies both have a greyish white forehead, but the Brown Noddy’s crown is sharply demarcated from its black lore, whereas the Lesser Noddy’s crown merges gradually with its lore, which is not black.