More Beaches…

Other beaches of Bird Island include Marie-France’s Beach, Crested Tern Beach and Hawskbill Beach.

Marie-France’s Beach

This spot of beach is located on the island’s east coast around Hirondelle Beach and Passe Coco Beach. It was named Marie-France’s Beach by the owner, Mr Guy Savy, after the late Mrs Savy, who was also a manager and co-owner of Bird Island. The beach lies opposite what used to be her residence.

Crested Tern Beach

This beach is named after the Crested Terns which can be found abundantly in the area. This is an interesting seabird that nests along coastlines and tropical islands such as ours. Crested Tern Beach is located at the Southern tip of the island.

Hawksbill Beach 

Bird Island’s north westerly beach has been named Hawsbill beach after the large numbers of Hawksbill Turtles that nest along this part of the coastline. This is the beach to spot these turtles, particularly during laying season which is from October through to February; and their hatchlings that emerge from December through to May.