Bird Island, Seychelles symbolises the perfect balance between nature and running an ecologically sound hotel. Conservation is at the forefront with a focus on the island’s now thriving Sooty Tern seabird colony. This along with several other programmes such as the protection of the critically endangered Hawksbill and Green turtles, have contributed to the Island’s remarkable conservation success story.

Join in on the conservation work and learn about the efforts undertaken to protect Bird Island’s natural heritage for future generations.

Good to Know:

There is no artificial lighting in the grounds of Bird Island at night time. Why? There are 3 main reasons actually.

  • Nesting Green Turtles and hatchlings can become badly disorientated by the presence of too much artificial light. A reduction in this type of lighting can help these amazing creatures find their way back to the sea.
  • To provide minimum distraction to our feathered residents.
  • And, to allow our guests to see the clear night skies. From November to April the night skies are particularly magnificent at Bird Island, with clear views of all the major southern hemisphere constellations as well as some of the northern ones.