Working remotely in the Seychelles

Workation Destination: Bird Island, Seychelles

Working remotely! Workation! …or is it Workcation!?

The point is, we’ve been hearing these words a lot more recently. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, many people saw themselves having to work from home.  Some couldn’t wait to get back to their regular offices, but for many, working remotely sparked a flame.

“Live the life you’ve Imagined” – Henry David Thoreau

Imagine sitting in a tropical garden, working from your laptop, with the beach literally just a few steps away.

Imagine spending a few hours completing your ‘office’ tasks, then spending the rest of the day in nature with your family.

You no longer have to imagine these things. You can make it your reality. With many companies switching to long-term remote work, what’s stopping you from negotiating a ‘work-from-home-arrangement’ that will allow you to realize your dreams?

Why choose Bird Island, Seychelles?


A workation isn’t your typical vacation because, yes, you’ll be working part of the time. Hopping from hotel to hotel every 2 or 3 days isn’t going to cut it. You’ll need a degree of stability (and reliable Wi-Fi) which Bird Island can provide.

Book a stay of 7 nights to an extended stay of 1 month or more.

An island all to yourself!

Pre-pandemic Bird Island left guests with the feeling that they had the island all to themselves. You could enjoy the beaches without ever meeting another person. With even fewer visitors now, you’ll definitely feel like you’re on your own private island.

Over 5km of white sandy beaches.


Working in an environment you love is sure to reduce stress and increase your productivity. Got writer’s block? Step outside and let nature get those creative juices flowing.  

It doesn’t end with just being in this place. Help out with turtle monitoring. Carry out some beach cleaning. Improve your well-being by knowing you’re making a difference in the world. It may not seem like much, but your contributions will help to preserve the natural habitat of countless numbers of birds, sea turtles and other wildlife.

Immersed in nature.

You can actually spend less

How to workation without breaking the bank. The key to it is knowing what to splurge on and when. Did you travel so far to spend your time in another generic hotel? Wasn’t the point of the trip, to get in touch with the local community and connect with nature whilst working remotely?  Being on this self-catering private island will allow you to do just that.  Enjoy the far-off tropical destination you’ve been longing for. Save costs by buying only what you need. Get to know the islanders, and live like an islander yourself.

Catering options include The Island Shop, Sandwich and salad orders, The Restaurant and tasting local flavours in-villa.

Apply for your Workation Visitor permit here!

Apply for your Health Travel Authorisation here!

Or if you need some more information on Workationing in the Seychelles click here!

Poster of Seychelles Workation Retreat Program

May 24, 2021 8:55 pm

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