French-speaking Association ‘Victoria Accueil’ participates in Bird Island’s Beach Clean Up initiative on World Environment Day.

On the occasion of World Environment Day on 5 June 2017, Bird Island Lodge welcomed a small group of members from the French-speaking association, Victoria Accueil. The association mainly facilitates meetings and exchanges for French and French-speaking people living in the Seychelles through various activities. The aim of the association is to welcome and help newcomers to settle in the Seychelles in a spirit of mutual enrichment.

On this World Environment Day, a small group of 8 members from the association, led by Ms Véronique Dupont chose to collaborate with Bird Island in a Beach Clean Up initiative on the beaches of Bird Island. It was a welcome surprise to the group that there was not as much litter on the beaches as they would have expected. This is largely thanks to our Environmental Officer Mr Roby Bresson and other members of the Bird Island team, who on their regular beach walks, collect any litter that they may find.

The group was very satisfied with the activity and for opportunity to experience the island’s famous Sooty Tern breeding season, with thousands of Birds flying around, as well as experiencing the beauty of the island itself and its various flora fauna.

L’association Victoria Accueil intervient à Bird Island lors de la journée internationale de l’environnement

A l’occasion de la journée internationale de l’environnement, du 5 Juin, l’équipe de Bird Island – L'Eco Lodge a gentiment accueilli ce samedi un petit groupe de l’association Victoria Accueil.

Soucieux de préserver ce joyau de la nature présent aux Seychelles, le groupe composé de 8 membres, a ainsi participé à un nettoyage des plages environnantes. Et quelle agréable surprise de constater que très peu de déchets étaient présents !

Sous les regards d’une myriade de sternes, le groupe aussi pu contempler la ponte des oiseaux, jouer avec les tortues et admirer ce magnifique paysage aux couleurs extraordinaires.

L’association Victoria accueil regroupe des résidents francophones aux Seychelles, son objectif est de créer des sorties et animations diverses et variées ; elle se veut facilitateur de rencontres.

June 21, 2017 4:15 pm

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