Kayaking in the azure waters of Bird Island Seychelles
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A pair of Trevally swimming in the waters off Bird Island Seychelles
A graceful stingray in the waters around Bird Island Seychlles
A Kayak on the beach on Bird Island Seychelles

"Water so clear it's like floating on air."


For a little fun or some light exercise, we offer our two-person kayak. Perfect for a slow paddle across the bay or a determined circum-navigation.

Kayaking is a fantastic way of getting close to the marine life in our surrounding waters, and also allows you to enjoy Bird Island's beautiful coastline. Looking down into the clear blue shallows, you can follow the occasional turtle, octopus, stingray or watch the many colourful fish as they swim about the reef.

Kayaking can be enjoyed by everyone but before heading out, it is essential to have basic paddling skills for a safe, fun and injury free experience.