Newsletter December 2019 (Part 2)

SeyCCAT Project Update : The Sooty Terns’ Successful Start

We’ve set off on a positive note with 13 fledglings out at sea and relaying their locations back to us via the the Argos Satellites. 13 of the 15 youngsters that left Bird Island Between the 6th and 17th September have been taken by their parents to an area near the Coco-de-Mer Ridge, a submarine mountain range that lies about 350-600 kilometres to the north-north-east of Bird Island. This suggests that waters around the undersea ridge are known by adult Sooty Terns from Bird Island to be good feeding areas, probably enriched by nutrients brought to the ocean surface by deeper water that is forced upwards when undersea currents meet the mountain range.

In their first month some of the birds have already travelled well over 1000 kilometres but two birds have failed to leave Bird Island. One of these appears to be moving around the Sooty Tern colony between the area where it was originally caught and the beach. It did venture over the sea to about 2 km north of the island but returned to the colony. The other tagged juvenile has not transmitted information to the satellites since the 4th September. To find out what could have happened, Click Here.

Seychelles’ 20 Most Beautiful Beaches

Find the best beaches in the Seychelles, how to get to them, what season is best to go and other interesting tidbits. Bird Island’s West Beach makes this top 20 and we couldn’t agree more!

Buy the guide on Mahé Island at:

+Antigone and Chanterelle bookshops in Victoria. +Antigone bookshop at the international airport (exterior).

This is  a sustainable guide printed on recycled paper.

Journalist & Travel Guide Writer Charlotte Pavard | Photographs by Claude Pavard.

Image of a white model plane, shells and a straw hat on a blue background with the text: Fly direct from Paris to Seychelles! With Air France

Air France, the French national carrier, has recommenced flights to the Seychelles! You now have the option of flying to Mahe on the 3 weekly flights departing Paris-Charles de Gaulle.  Flights will be operated throughout the winter season (27 October 2019 to 28 March 2020) by an Airbus A330-200.

Other international carriers flying non-stop between Europe and Seychelles include British Airways, Condor and Turkish Airlines.

Plane & Starfish image designed by Freepik  –

December 16, 2019 12:00 am

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